Approaches for the recovery situation in complex cases

Approaches for the recovery situation in complex cases

You can help to educate and support the loved ones affected by the addiction and promote positive change. Our treatment centre will offer several opportunities for family involvement. The services will include long-term extended care treatment, opiate detox, intensive outpatient treatment and extensive family treatment by the treatment experience and academic training. The approaches are designed to mirror the unique complexity of recovery situation of each individual at New Jersey Treatment Centre. As the addiction is a family disease, to treat the addiction you will require an all-hands-on-deck approach. If a family member goes away from the treatment, integration back into the family unit can be difficult for everyone who is involved. The clients are exposed to a variety of holistic and individualized treatment approaches.

Sustained recovery:

At the recovery centre, the expertly trained clinicians are equipped to work with a huge range of mental health issues. The addiction recovery centre will offer the treatment services in a safe and comfortable way.  A long-term treatment with quality is required to treat addiction as it is a disease. After the treatment, it is typically recommended to go for an intensive outpatient program. Our goal is to set the clients up for success by providing them with all the essential building blocks for sustained recovery. They develop a realistic and personalized aftercare plan in conjunction with the support system and client’s family. The treatment is often the first step for sobriety and aftercare planning is what solidifies a recovery for a lifetime. If the patient wants to detoxify from drugs then the recovery centre provides an excellent opportunity with medically supervised detox under the care of medical director.

Enhancing behaviours:

We also deal with mood disorders, drug addiction and anxiety disorders. We work to replace the maladaptive behaviours with healthier and vitality-enhancing behaviours. An innovative treatment approach is offered at New Jersey Treatment Centre to solve the issue related to mental health, drug abuse and alcohol addiction. The clinicians will move beyond the treatment of the only substance to use disorders. We believe that using a substance is often a symptom of a more pervasive and deeper struggle. During the treatment, clients will explore the development of the use of their substance to seek a better understanding of their use. We are specialized in the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

Approaches for the recovery situation in complex cases

Relevant changes:

Every client is evaluated by the medical director to have an insight into the patient’s problems. We are proud of ourselves for staying up-to-date with the ever-changing field of dual diagnosis treatment. The incorporating relevant changes are brought into the clinical programming. The clients are in the hands of well-informed and passionate professionals who can entirely stay with them. The treatment is necessary to have a successful and sustainable recovery. Any patient and their family are offered the addiction treatment of highest quality by the Maryland addiction recovery centre. It is really a very good opportunity to start a new life by staying away from alcohol and drugs.

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